Financial Planning for Everyone

Virginia Financial Center (VFC) is an organization dedicated to helping individuals and families prepare for their future through life insurance and Financial Planning.

Our mission is to help you learn how to save your money and protect your future.

Helping You Protect Your Future

Here is how VFC can help you with your Financial Planning:

  • Review and recommend investments that match your risk tolerance levels and time horizons
  • Protect you and your family against risks associated with not being properly insured
  • Evaluate your current estate plan and help to ensure your intentions are carried out in the event of incapacitation and/or death
  • Maximize initiatives that reduce tax burdens and minimize current and future income taxes
  • Evaluate your current estates and fill in the gaps with your planning initiatives
  • Establish plans for college savings
  • Assist with cash flow and debt management initiatives
  • Maximize your employee benefits
  • Develop your budgeting plan
  • Develop a plan to reduce the risk of outliving your assets
  • Plan Your Social Security
  • Collaborate with your tax providers and legal advisors
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Be Prepared for Your Future

VFC uses a unique process to help you with your Financial Planning that's tailored to your circumstances and needs. Call the office at (804) 454-0942 to schedule an appointment for a free consultation. (Office hours are by appointment only)

Our Process for the Development of Your Financial Plan Includes:

  • Development of your financial portfolio for improvement
  • Meeting schedules (virtual and in-person options)
  • Disclosures and agreement of Financial Planning fee schedule
  • Completion of engagement documents
  • Goal discovery and development
  • Research and analysis of current strategies
  • Development of your Financial Plan
  • Delivery & presentation of your Financial Plan
  • Implementing your Financial Plan (assign roles and tasks)
  • Monitoring your Financial Plan
  • Setting up semi-annual and/or annual meetings
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